A traditional clothing store

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A charming post office

Image courtesy of Stellenbosch University Archives

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Upmarket office space

with the charming post office exterior intact

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"In this instance, the proposed envelope, albeit requiring departures, is a distinct improvement on the envelope that would have been imposed in terms of current setback regulations"

For more than 80 years the beautiful building on the corner of Plein Street and Bird Street has served the people of Stellenbosch as a charming post office. Now, what we know as the Stellenbosch Post Office will have a brand new purpose – one that allows its owners to preserve its heritage and beauty. 

The next phase in the lifecycle of this special building 


The development of the Oude Postkantoor office space will not only preserve the facade of this historic site, it will also breathe new economic life into it.


It might seem strange to think of this site as anything other than the old post office, but in fact, this location has been home to a few businesses before it became the Stellenbosch Post Office and its transformation into the Oude Postkantoor office space is just another stage in the lifecycle of this cherished site.

A design concept that preserves

the heritage of the building

The development team went through a rigorous process of multiple presentations to Stellenbosch Municipality and Heritage Western Cape over a period of 24 months.  The resulting design concept is a celebration of collaboration between architects, developers and conservation bodies like the Stellenbosch Interest Group and Heritage Foundation. 

The newly renovated building will see two additional storeys, set back from the original façade in a way that doesn't compromise the heritage of the original building. The light reflecting from the new glass additions will emphasise the old historic building and conserve it for generations to come. 

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A business since 1996

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